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DuoCode complains on References in Web project

I have a existing Web Project with alot of ASP.NET Assemblies included. The DuoCode C# code is compiled into seperate Assemblies that I have included into the Web project. After I add 

<Import Project="..\packages\DuoCode.0.4.1089.0-beta\build\DuoCode.targets" Condition="Exists('..\packages\DuoCode.0.4.1089.0-beta\build\DuoCode.targets')" />

 To the project I get this error


Error	39	Referenced assembly 'System.Security, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' is not compiled with DuoCode. Consider removing the reference.	Web


I have no interest in having C# files converted to Javascript in my Web Project I just want to use my Class libraries that are DuoCode enabled. How can I achive that?

Hi Anders,

(sorry for the late reply!)

I'm assuming you created a new (Empty?) ASP.NET application, and added DuoCode from NuGet -- it doesn't support ASP.NET projects yet.

You should either create a simple C# class library, or use one of our templates from File -> New Project -> DuoCode dialog (if you installed DuoCode for Visual Studio)

Thanks for Reply

I have a DuoCode class library that I want to use from my ASP.NET project. What is the best way of getting that class library's js file included in the web project until you guys support it?

Alot of questions now, sorry for that, been away :D

I tried to include a 1.2 DuoCode project into a ASP.NET web project I it gives the same error has above. 

Hello Anders,

Generally, you can add DuoCode to ASP.NET, DuoCode should and will "warn" and not error on unsupported assemblies and will skip them, we improved this a long time ago.

Consider to use #ifdef DUCODE in your code to compile only relevant parts of your code with DuoCode.

Hope this helps,


Hi, have the method for adding DuoCode support changed? I just did like this article suggests

Also I have no DuoCode inside ASP.NET project, all is added through class library references

It's up to you and your design. Split between two assemblies, which in most cases I think it's better, one C# + DuoCode class library, second classic ASP.NET project referencing .js.

I think for small / tiny C# code one can choose (hybrid approach), have a look at our TypeScript hybrid project template sample, that shows one project that contains TypeScript and C# + DuoCode all together.


I'm sorry but I do not understand how I should get this working. Could you please give me a step by step guide how to get a DuoCode class library into  a new or existing ASP.NET Project? (I think you should document this because 99.9% of your users will use ASP.NET with DuoCode).

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