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C# JavaScript Binding Are The Future

When you guys (DuoCode) get "Bindings" mastered, that is going to do for your

company what MonoTouch.IOS did for Xamarin.

Using the C# General Purpose language to "Bind" to the platforms underlying

platform (Xamarin created bindings for IOS, Android etc that expose the native functionality of api... NOT reinventing the api) 


Anyways, those bindings made that company because SOOOOO many developer

wanted to create apps on IOS but HATE Objective-C (at least writing large enterprise apps in objective-c sucks).

Now... with DuoCode bindings for Javascript libraries (once mastered), your target

base of customers who want to do the same thing in a browser... I would think, would be even LARGER than that of Xamarin.... I cant imagine there is ONE Xamarin (on MAC OS) user who is using the LARGE MULTI-PROJECT applications that target Window, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android... WHO WOULD NOT LOVE to create a HTML5 version using at least some parts of the same shared code.

That is why i am hard at work on a project i am calling AjaxGateway.NET.

My Ajax Gateway will be a complete END-TO-END solution for creating

C# OWIN Enterprise Web Application (Kinda like Google Web Toolkit but for .NET C# developers) including cross-platform compatible client remoting (Thanks to DuoCode). You wil be able to easily create Enterprise Web Application (All in C#) and have web clients (HTML5, Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android) all using the sample remoting api. All right out the box.

Look for it soon :-)

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