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Is it possible to avoid using the mscorlib.js at all

I'm really in love with the concept. Being a C# developer for more than 6 years you can understand that C# transpiling would be my best bet ever at javascript. However I saw that to bring C# and BCL feature you've implemented your own mscorlib.js library. Now for me I like the way TypeScript transpiles, without the dependency of any other library. Is this really at all possible in DuoCode. Because I'm expecting libraries like AngularJS and ReactJS being available in DuoCode in feature, I'd really love not to be dependant on any other libraries whatsoever. What do you guys think about this.

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I agree, transpiling C# is great! DuoCode's mscorlib.js has two purposes - implementation of the BCL and implementation of basic language features (the entire type system with reflection and everything). At the moment you can't use DuoCode without mscorlib.js, but probably in the future the library will be separated and you'll have the option to select which features you require (or better yet it will be automatic). And then if you don't use any of the BCL classes you'll just need a tiny file to include.

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