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HTML5 import support

I didn't see anything off the DuoCode.Dom.HTMLLinkElement class for HTML5

import property.

Since i don't have access to the HTMLLinkElement source to add this a a "PROPERTY" like in JavaScript getElementById("link_el_ementid").import

So i created and extension for now. You guys might wanna look at a adding

support for the HTML5 import to the HTMLLinkElement.

Anyways... Here is my extension:

namespace DuoCode.Dom


 public static class AjaxHtmlExtensions


 /// <summary>

 /// Imports a html link document

 /// </summary>

 public static HTMLDocument import(this HTMLLinkElement link)


            HTMLDocument result = null;

            if (!System.String.IsNullOrEmpty(link.rel) && link.rel.Equals("import", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)) {

                result = Js.referenceAs<dynamic>("link.import");


            return result;




Sample Usage (HTML5):

 <!-- Html5 Markup -->

 <link rel="import" href="markup.html" id="markup" />

Sample Usage (CODE):

            HTMLDocument import_doc = Global.document.getElementById("markup").As<HTMLLinkElement>().import();

            if (import_doc != null) {

                HTMLElement form1 = import_doc.getElementById("form1");

                System.Console.WriteLine("Form1: " + form1.outerHTML);

                webix.message("Form1: " + form1.outerHTML);

            } else {

                webix.message(new { type = "error", text = "No Form 1 Markup Element Found", expire = 10000 });


Correction to the webix.message error line, should be: webix.message(Js.@object(new { type = "error", text = "No Form Markup Element Found", expire = 10000 }));

I think these properties are good for you:

HTMLLinkElement.rel { get; set; }

HTMLLinkElement.href { get; set; }

Yeah... but you still gotta be able to link.import() so to you can actually get the HTMLDocument object

We added the missed property, thanks.

public extern HTMLDocument import { get; }


Dont See the HtmlLinkElement.import()

Where did you add the 

public extern HTMLDocument import { get; }

OR is it not in the 0.6.1251... it will be in next release along with new DuoCode.targets update to fix missing .js file

U can download 0.6.1253.0 with fixed .targets file already, or just auto via NuGet update.

The HtmlLinkElement.import will be available in next 0.7 release only, sorry.

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