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Force dcc to recompile project

Is there any way to force dcc.exe to recompile a project.

I am using DuoCode in a Build Server Environment over a mapped network

drive... works good except that sometimes IT DOES NOT DETECT changes

in a .cs file... Then i have to do a full clean and rebuild for it to detect those

dirty files... I tried using the MSbuild Engine to make the Project Dirty but still

does not help.

I was hoping there was some kinda of way to force the dcc to rebuild whole project.

Just another thought... Do you guys keep some kind of compiler cache or something to make it compile

faster on subsequent builds?

Can i clear this cache?

DuoCode compiler has no compilation cache at all and it works very similar to classic csc.exe C# compiler.

Are you sure that the compilation on build server is trigered after the file is completely written, and .csproj file was updated too?

Do you have the same problem with C# compiler?

In any case running msbuild from cmd on .csproj with DuoCode ALWAYS builds the project!

BTW... i found the issue here.

When using a UNC path as client (LANMANWORKSTATION) there is a 5 second UNC caching for file

access on the client. There was supposed to be a REGEDIT key to lower, i tried, but could not get lanmanworkstation (outside of IIS... all the keys to lower the cache was for IIS only) to get any lower that that...

So i flipped the design to 'HOUSE' the projects locally on Project build server and access them from the

client pc using whatever IDE using a Shared Drive... that way the project server builds the project locally on its on hard disk... and i just open the project directly off the UNC share for editing.

Works for now...

I really need DuoCode to FIX the hard coded "\" backslash issue in the dcc.exe compiler.

It appears Duo is using hard coded backslashes as apposed to Path.Combine which takes into account

the platform you are on and uses forward or backslash accordingly.

If Duo code would just fix that... i can start trying to build a native MAC OSX build system for DuoCode Roslyn Based compiles. And not have to use a project build server.


We will defintely fix this issue (use of Path.Combine() everywhere) on next release. Thanks.

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH... I already got some test routines going with the Microsoft.Anayltyics just

to see if i can actually reference on MAC... (I may also partipate in the Open Source port of Microsoft Build Engine for mac... as appoased to the XBUILD clone of MSBuild you get with Xamarin)

Anyways... with the Path.Combine i can see weather or not i can get dcc.exe to work native on MAC OS.

BTW.. For now i wrote an awesome little project build server i can use drectly from the Xamarin Studio

IDE to build my duocode projects now... Works great... But native compile on mac would be AWESOME!!!

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