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using TypeScript definition files to generate C# bindings/wrappers for javascript libraries

It's great that now we can use our C# classes in typescript, as version 1.0 made it availablefor us.

I'm wondering that could we use the typescript definition files to generate C# bindings/wrappers?  It would made many javascript libraries and frameworks (aurelia, angular, ...) available/accessible in our C# code. 

What dou you think about this? 

Hi, I haven't been checking this page, sorry.

I'm not maintaining this anymore, I'll add you to the collaborators list.

Check out my new project: TypescriptToCS2.

Here is the file generated by the new one with some DuoCode modifications but it still prints template which I don't think is valid in DuoCode. What is the DuoCode equivalent of Bridge's template?


That is what I made it for. P.S. I have a new version 2.0.

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