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Require.js features

It says support to generate code for Require.js... What is that all about?

Cant find any details on the built in features for using Require.js

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You can specify AMD (RequireJS) module for target assembly in DuoCode, very similar to TypeScript module system support.

You have 3 ways to specify it in your project:

1) using Project-Properties>DuoCode tab (the most convinient way)

2) manually specify msbuild project property <DuoCodeModuleKind>Amd</DuoCodeModuleKind>

3) dcc.exe /module:amd argument

Later in JS you can dynamically load the JS-module ("assembly"):


assembly = require("./myCsharpProject.js"); // very similar to Assembly.Load("myCsharpProject.dll") in C#
var class1 = new myCsharpNamespace.Class1.ctor(); // new we can create some class


To load JS module in C# you can also use Js.require(), see NodejsWebApp template code on how to do this.

Hope this helps.

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