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Help converting JQuery TypeScript to C# DuoCode Bindings

I am creating jquery.d.cs file by hand using jquery.d.ts file:

I have encountered a couple items on the $.fn object

these items dont have name.

First items in my jQuery ($.fn) bindings:

    [Js(Name = "jQuery.fn", Extern = true, OptimizeArrayEnumeration = "toArray()")]

 public class JQueryResult : IEnumerable<Element>



* Gets the JQuery library version ($.jquery)


[Js(Name="jquery")] public extern string version { get; }


 * A selector representing selector passed to jQuery(), if any, when creating the original set.

 * version deprecated: 1.7, removed: 1.9


public extern string selector { get; }


 * The number of elements in the jQuery object.


public extern int length { get; }

//[index: string]: any;

 //[index: number]: HTMLElement;


What the heck are ([index: string]: any) and /[index: number]: HTMLElement) supposed to be, no name... is it a property or method or what... How whould i this a C# public extern


What the heck is this supposed to be:

* Interface for the JQuery promise/deferred callbacks
interface JQueryPromiseCallback<T> {
(value?: T, ...args: any[]): void;

interface JQueryPromiseOperator<T, U> {
(callback1: JQueryPromiseCallback<T>|JQueryPromiseCallback<T>[], ...callbacksN: Array<JQueryPromiseCallback<any>|JQueryPromiseCallback<any>[]>): JQueryPromise<U>;

They are defined on the $.fn object but again no name but it looks like a method that returns a value... so how can it be a class with a constructor... is it a delegate? 

How to main C# of these couple of TypeScript definitions 

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[index: string]: any; => public extern HTMLElement this[int index] { get; set; }

interface JQueryPromiseCallback<T> {
(value?: T, ...args: any[]): void;

Yes you right in TypeScript the above is a function/delegate, translated to C# like this:

public delegate void JQueryPromiseCallback<T>(value: T, params args: object[]); // currently it must be defined inside Js(Extern = true) class

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