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passing 'params object[] args'

When trying to pass 'params object[] args' to another function expecting

params arguments give error. The following code show work

public static JQuery jquery(params Element[] elements)




public static JQuerySelector select(params Element[] elements)


            return ...;


gives this compiler error

Error 1 Internal error or unsupported syntax. Please submit a bug at:

C:\Projects\AJAX\ASP\AjaxDuo\AjaxRoot.cs 1366 20 AjaxGateway.Duo

Same thing when trying to wrap something like String.Format(formart, args)

if args was a 'params args object[]' should just proxy all the arguments to the string format function.

But fails

We can't reproduce this bug.

There are two cases: 

1) Regarding params T[] args, in pure C# it's always passed as an array to the caller function.

2) Only if mehtod is extern [Js(Extern = true)], than DuoCode passes it as an argument list.

Can you please reproduce this bug on: and send us the full URL.

Yes... it is extern. Consider this extern defination:

[Js(Name = "jQuery", Extern = true)]

 public static class JQueryInit


        [Js(Name = "fn.init")]

        public static extern JQuery init(params Element[] elements);


No i need to use a wrapper function like so:

public static JQuery jquery(this System.Plugins source, params Element[] elements)


    return JQueryTools.initElements(elements);


gives error: Error 1 Internal error or unsupported syntax. Please submit a bug at: C:\Projects\AJAX\ASP\AjaxDuo\AjaxQuery.cs 6211 14 AjaxGateway.Duo

How can i pass wrapped params T[] args to an extern=true function like described above

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