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Debugin with Visual Studio

I can't debug application with visual studio community 2015. I indicate a breakpoint but the debugger does not stop the application. Functionality for debuging source code only works in Chrome browser but I would like to use the functionality provided by Visual Studio.

It is a problem with the plugin or still not supported the option of debuging in visual studio as is as shown on the duocode website?

OS: Windows 7 Professional
VS: Commnunity 2015

Best Regards,


Hello Hector,

Debugging in VS2015 is fully supported.

Please ensure you have latest TypeScript v1.5 installed for VS2015.

Try to put a breakpoint in .js code and it should stop in C# code too.

Don't forget to select Run with Internet Explorer (not Chrome) inside IDE, an hit F5.

Hopes this help.



Thank you for the quick response, with IE-11 debuging in VS2015 work well.

Best Regards,

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