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Problems with VS 2015

It looks like this code completion and Resharper 9 is broken

(106 KB)

Anders, thanks for reporting. We are familiar with this issue and we think it's more Resharper problem with custom (in our case DuoCode) mscorlib.dll implementation. I will update you here, if we find a solution to on how to disable Resharper code completion in such cases. Thanks.

Any progress in that field?

Because of that limitation I must disable Resharper in order to work with DuoCode. 

Doable, but very annoying.

BTW, you can configure a shortcut to quickly switch on/off Resharper with "ReSharper_ToggleSuspended" command (kb shortcuts in VS Options).

Eli, can you please try to disable ReSharper per DuoCode project, by adding .csproj.DotSettings file, see:

You can also try to "Do Not Show" inspection results

Please update here, if it helps.

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