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When to release DuoCode 1.4?

As it said in title, and what's road map for DuoCode?

Thanks for reply, it's a cool version!

DuoCode 2.0 will be released by the end of this month!

DuoCode 2.0 release notes as of today:
 * Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 support!

 * Microsoft Roslyn 1.1

 * TypeScript 1.7 support

 * [New] Debug Engine for Visual Studio

   - Experience C# like debugging

   - Class members evaluator and quickwatch

   - Class properties evaluator and quickwatch

   - C# like callstack including namespace, class name and arguments

   - `Array` and `String` evaluator


 * [Added] Support mutable structures, cloned by the compiler, see `[Js(StructIsImmutable = false)]` attribute

 * [Added] `new type()` usage support, marshal it to first ctor, `new type.ctor()` is also supported

 * [Added] Inherit from `JsDictionary<string, object>` in order to declare "bag" or interface like classes

 * [Added] Specify static ctor to call on script load, see `[assembly: CompilerOptions(Startup = typeof(StartupClass))]`

 * [Added] `Js.typeFunction<T>()` and `Js.typeFunction(Type type)`

 * [Added] `[Js(DefineProperty = "...")]` attribute, generates JS property using `Object.defineProperty`

 * [Added] NumberStyles enum and advanced number parsing

 * [Added] `Dom.String.fromCharCode()` added

 * [Added] `DateTime.ToLocalTime()`, `DateTime.ToUniveralTime()` added

 * [Added] `Array.Copy()` optimized for typed-arrays

 * [Added] `Array.Slice()` added and optimized for typed-arrays

 * [Added] `JsArray.reverse()` added

 * [Fixed] Support for fast "nothing changed" rebuilds

 * [Fixed] Robust and improved partial classes and methods support

 * [Fixed] Multidimensional array initialization bug fixed

 * [Fixed] `array[index]++` bug fixed

 * [Fixed] TypeScript `System.Int32` to `Number` cast fix

 * [Fixed] `DateTime.AddTicks()` and ctors with `DateTimeKind.Utc` specified fixed

 * [Fixed] `byte[] is Array` and any `typed-array is Array` fixed

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