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When to release DuoCode 1.4?

As it said in title, and what's road map for DuoCode?

DuoCode 2.0 will be released by the end of this month!

DuoCode 2.0 release notes as of today:
 * Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 support!

 * Microsoft Roslyn 1.1

 * TypeScript 1.7 support

 * [New] Debug Engine for Visual Studio

   - Experience C# like debugging

   - Class members evaluator and quickwatch

   - Class properties evaluator and quickwatch

   - C# like callstack including namespace, class name and arguments

   - `Array` and `String` evaluator


 * [Added] Support mutable structures, cloned by the compiler, see `[Js(StructIsImmutable = false)]` attribute

 * [Added] `new type()` usage support, marshal it to first ctor, `new type.ctor()` is also supported

 * [Added] Inherit from `JsDictionary<string, object>` in order to declare "bag" or interface like classes

 * [Added] Specify static ctor to call on script load, see `[assembly: CompilerOptions(Startup = typeof(StartupClass))]`

 * [Added] `Js.typeFunction<T>()` and `Js.typeFunction(Type type)`

 * [Added] `[Js(DefineProperty = "...")]` attribute, generates JS property using `Object.defineProperty`

 * [Added] NumberStyles enum and advanced number parsing

 * [Added] `Dom.String.fromCharCode()` added

 * [Added] `DateTime.ToLocalTime()`, `DateTime.ToUniveralTime()` added

 * [Added] `Array.Copy()` optimized for typed-arrays

 * [Added] `Array.Slice()` added and optimized for typed-arrays

 * [Added] `JsArray.reverse()` added

 * [Fixed] Support for fast "nothing changed" rebuilds

 * [Fixed] Robust and improved partial classes and methods support

 * [Fixed] Multidimensional array initialization bug fixed

 * [Fixed] `array[index]++` bug fixed

 * [Fixed] TypeScript `System.Int32` to `Number` cast fix

 * [Fixed] `DateTime.AddTicks()` and ctors with `DateTimeKind.Utc` specified fixed

 * [Fixed] `byte[] is Array` and any `typed-array is Array` fixed

Thanks for reply, it's a cool version!

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