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ES6 modules support and 3rd party frameworks


I'm following DuoCode progress since more than a year ago. Then I thought it was a promising project and it now it looks like is real option. I'm still have several doubts about what DuoCode can offer:

In the features description page it's said that duo code supports AMD (require.js) and CommonJS (node.js). Is there any way to support new ES6 modules (SystemJS)?

We do usually build projects using some 3rd party frameworks like angular, aurelia,... How easy or difficult is to add support for these frameworks? What about jquery?


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Currently DuoCode supports AMD and CommonJS, SystemJS is in on our roadmap.

Since SystemJS is fully supports AMD/CommonJS so you can use it even now.


window.define = System.amdDefine;
window.require = window.requirejs = System.amdRequire;

DuoCode allows to define extern wrap (definition) classes for pure JS frameworks (.d.cs files) , similar to TypeScript (.d.ts).

For example please have a look at qunit.d.cs found in UnitTest sample on such definitions.

Also you can always use for free dynamic JS expression invocation.

Hopes this help.

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