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Object.defineProperty TYPE support for POCO getter / setter

Is there any way to "DECORATE" a POCO backing field property as a property

in JavaScript.

If i make a class:

private string _username;
public string username {
get { return _username; }
set { SetProperty (ref _username, value); }

in javascript... it has to be used as get_username() instead of just username.

I think the javascript Object.defineProperty allows you to tell a javascript object prototype to wrap the getter/setter... example:

Object.defineProperty(Aaa.prototype, "y", {
        get: function () {
          return this._y;
        set: function (value) {
          this._y = value;
        enumerable: true,
        configurable: true
      return Aaa;

Will allow Aaa.y in javascript

Maybe some kind of JS attribute so our POCO backing field properties can be used by the simple name like you can in C#.

Sorry... I think i found the JS Attribute just enable getter/setter as properties: Just mark the public

getter/setter with JS.DefineProperty attribute... In javascript will see the backing field as _person BUT now also create get person and set person on the underlying javascript object.

private Person _person;
[Js (DefineProperty = "person")]
public Person person {
get { return _person; }
set { SetProperty (ref _person, value); }

You are right, please use:

[Js (DefineProperty = "person")]

Tip, you can also specify

[Js (DefineProperty = "")]

it will take the property name from C#, good for refactoring!

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