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Are you still there?

Wondering what's going on with duo code ... It's been many months since update. Been waiting for async/await that is supposed in 2.1. Been playing around with Bridge.Net... They are starting to surpass duo code ... As far as user community activity and community plugins... There apparently is now a typescript converter now. I am waiting for duo code since I paid for a pro license... Don't really want to abandon duo code and my small investment. But it goes so long without anything from duo code... Are you guys still there? Is there still going to be a product with support and everything that the pro license was supposed to give you.
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The coming DuoCode 2.1 will be available by the end of July 2016.

Regarding, Bridge it's very premature project yet, very unstable and the most importantly very badly designed from the start, not Microsoft Roslyn based, has no source-maps support and very poor msbuild/xbuild integration.

#### DuoCode 2.1

 * Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 support!

 * Microsoft Roslyn 1.3 (

 * TypeScript 1.8 support


 * [Added] Support for multiple generic interface per class chain, see `[Js(MultipleInterface = true)]` attribute

 * [Added] `[Js(DefineProperty = "")]` can be specified at class level too

 * [Added] `List<T>.AsReadOnly()` added

 * [Added] Cast to `uint` improved using `>>> 0`

 * [Added] XML documentation to JsDoc very improved (@namespace, @memberof, @example, etc.)

 * [Added] `Js.clone(struct)` added

 * [Added] `List<T>.AddRange(JsArray)` support

 * [Added] `dcc.exe` runs on build server optimized

 * [Added] `IndexOutOfRangeException` is thrown if any index in a multidimensional array access is out of range

 * [Added] Assign ctors prototype in `define()`, JS code is clean and more optimized

 * [Added] `DateTime` all operators implemented

 * [Added] Added automatic option in module system options

 * [Added] Added assembly attribute for declaring external dependencies (`JsDependency(Module = "jQuery", Parameter = "$")`)

 * [Added] `BYTES_PER_ELEMENT` static property added to all typed-arrays

 * [Added] Redundant parenthetical `()` optimization

 * [Added] `String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace()` added

 * [Added] `String.EndsWith(string value, StringComparison comparisonType)` added

 * [Added] `String.Remove()` added

 * [Added] `Element.innerHtml` added

 * [Added] TypeScript optional parameters in methods

 * [Added] TypeScript optional fields

 * [Added] `DivideByZeroException` added

 * [Fixed] TypeScript properties with `[Js(DefineProperty = "")]` attribute emitted as fields

 * [Fixed] Badly formed XML comments handled gracefully

 * [Fixed] `Array.Copy()`, `Array.Clone()` clones mutable structures

 * [Fixed] `array = new[] { ms1, ms2 }` clones mutable structures

 * [Fixed] Use shift-right zero-fill operators (`>>>` and `>>>=`) on unsigned types

 * [Fixed] TypeScript translation of `T? field` as `field?: T`

 * [Fixed] `dcc.exe` supports code analyzers targeted old Roslyn < 1.2 (such as RefactoringEssentials 3.2)

 * [Fixed] Conditional member access for dynamic variables

 * [Fixed] Shorthands for nullable constructors (for example `new int?(1)`)

 * [Fixed] Fixed bug with coalescing operator (??)

 * [Fixed] Rare issue with Number.Equals()

 * [Fixed] `HTMLSelectElement.options` type to `NodeListOf<HTMLSelectElement>`

 * [Fixed] `new bool()`, `new int()`, `new SomeEnum()` initialization fixed

 * [Fixed] TypeScript export constructors simplified

 * [Fixed] TypeScript interface inheritance fixed

 * [Fixed] TypeScript mscorlib number types fixed

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