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Async Await Not Working Even Though It Says On Features

Async await does not compile as of 2.1.1596.0.

Can you please give ANY response as to when this feature can be expected to work.

I have made and seen a few questions about this, but get no response at all.

I have been waiting for quite some time for this feature (A major part of my toolkit is for AJAX RPC). I need that Syntax sugar... 

Something like: var data = await service.GetData();

Or at least some kind of response so I can move on (either with or without duocode)

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async/await was slightly improved but still has a partial support.

Currently we can suggest you to look at Promises or OnDone method pattern.

We are waiting for EcmaScript6 to be finalized as an official JS async/await support as well.

async/await is much more complex as just a "syntax sugar", it requires full state machine with advanced and very delicate exception handling implementation.

For example only in C# 6.0, await had become available in catch/finally block.

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