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Class Indexers Compiled To JavaScript Syntax Issue

This is a simple class that uses an indexer to set values:

[Js(Name = "Object", Extern = true)]
 public class Tester
     [Js(Name = "")]
     public extern dynamic this[string key] { get; set; }



When using in C# code:

 Tester test = new Tester();
 test["tst1"] = "Hello";



It gets compiled in JavaScript as:


 var test = new Object();
 test.("tst1", "Hello");


Instead of something like it should:


var test = new Object();
test["tst1"] = "Hello";

JsDictionary and mainly JsInterface are designed for stronigly typed JS object wrapping:

For example DOM PropertyDescriptorMap is defined like this:

public class PropertyDescriptorMap : JsInterface


  public extern new PropertyDescriptor this[string s] { get; set; }


Also their use is very convenient thanks to C# 6 for collection initializers.

Either need to know what to make JsName for indexer or just remove JsName on the indexer definition... What do you think?

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