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Nugget Packages For Source

I have be told several times on here to use Nuget for source files... Well its not so easy. I have been trying to use general info on internet for creating nugget package... NOTHING specifically on source files packaging ... Nothing that tells me EXACTLY what to put in the nuspec.

Can someone please give details on creating packages from source .cs files.

I am over it already... If i can get help creating KOOL... if not... Then any persons wanting to use my DuoCode bindings will have to use my AjaxGateway Toolkit to be able to get to the DuoCode.Plugins Interfaces ... Or maybe ill just stick the DuoCode.Plugins.cs on my github and you'll have to get that file first before you can use any bindings (Made by me or my converter).

Thanks Ahead Of Time :)

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Thanks John... Got it going now

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