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DuoCode license: how it works or upgrade?

DuoCode compiler (dcc.exe) and Visual Studio extension require license file (license key string) to work.

Q) How to install:

A) Inside Visual Studio Tool>About DuoCode use the Register button and paste the key string

under the hood, the license key you entered is validated and saved to:


Q) How to upgrade/install (manually):

A) You can put the new license string inside DuoCode.lic file, and put the file (you have 4 options):

1. %AppData%\..\Local\DuoCode\DuoCode.lic

2. or near the DuoCode compiler dcc.exe (see dcc.exe /? for details)

3. or in your C# project main folder, near your .csproj file

4. or add $(DuoCodeLicense) property that points to the license file or key inside your .csproj file