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Wrong source map

I have a solution with 2 DuoCode projects created from templates

1) "Model" - DuoCode library

2) "Executable" - main DuoCode web-application

'Executable' project refer to 'Model' project

When application started (in Debug configuration from Visual Studio) I can easily use source map for 'Executable' project, but I have no chances to see content of .cs file included to 'Model' project. 

Issue: .map file generated for 'Model' project and copied to output of 'Executable' project points to completely wrong directory (i.e. to 'Executable' project directory)

Could you suggest something to have an ability to use correct mapping without necessity to edit .map file(s) after each build?

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Specify $(DuoCodeSourceMapsRoot) project/assembly property to be common for both project.

You can use DuoCode project property page for that in Visual Studio.

It's very similar to TypeScript, see: --sourceRoot

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